Any person desiring a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and with this mission may become a “Freedom Partner”.

Such partners have the right to:

  • Be informed about and participate in the events organized by us.
  • Receive newsletters and other free resources produced for partners.
  • Receive prayer support if required.
  • Enjoy special benefits on resources that we distribute from time to tIme through different outlets. (Benefits are subject to decisions by the FMM administration and may vary from time to time and product to product.)

And they are requested to:

  • Remember Freedom Ministries in prayer daily.
  • Participate in the events organized by us.
  • Introduce this ministry to friends, relatives, colleagues and other social connections.
  • Open their homes as venues for others to be ministered to whenever they can.
  • Partake in the work of this ministry in the manner which the Lord leads them to.

If you want to be a “Freedom Partner” be sure to make your desire to be so and details about yourself known to us through the various means available

  • By telephone :9061039501
  • By email        :
  • Know Me Better” form available at counters during events or at the office.
  • Write us at FREEDOM MINISTRIES, GV123,TC11/702,PMG-Nanthencode Road, Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala,South India

And, if you feel the call of the Lord to minister, enroll for the “School of Ministry” conducted by our leader’s institute.


Our churches recognize the truth that all who put their trust in Jesus Christ as their saviour and Lord are part of the universal church across the world that transcends space and time. However we also see as necessary a formal commitment to a local body of believers, the reason being that we all need to be part of a family – loved, cared for and accountable to.

We call this commitment “Covenant Partnership”.

The prerequisite for covenant partnership:

You need to be a person who:

  • Is a “Freedom Partner” with Freedom Ministries.
  • Has accepted Jesus Christ as his/her savior and lord.
  • Is baptized by immersion in water.
  • Believes in and desires the Holy Spirit baptism.
  • Adheres to the teachings of the bible and
  • Has a good testimony among men.

Such partners have the right to:

  • Be informed about and participate in worship services and other functions organized by our churches.
  • Receive Christian teaching, pastoral care and prayer support.
  • Have the opportunity to grow in the Lord by having their gifts and callings recognized and released.
  • Enjoy solemnization of marital rites and burials.
  • Enjoy all facilities and services available under the church.

And they are expected to:

  • Remember the church in prayer daily
  • Pay an enrolment fee of Rs 100/- and keep their partnership alive by paying a monthly subscription of Rs 30/-(payable as Rs360/-annually)
  • Regularly attend and participate in the assemblies and activities of the church
  • Strive to continually grow in personal relationship with Jesus, obediently follow and glorify Him in relationships at home, work, church and all other areas of life.
  • Cultivate the fruit of the Spirit and pursue the development of the Christian character.
  • Follow and support the leadership of the church as they follow the Lord.
  • Strive to maintain unity of faith in the church.
  • Refrain from engaging in any form of divisive activity which may disturb the harmony of the church.
  • Contribute to the promotion and achievement of the mission and vision of the church from their time, talents and treasures according to the Lords leading and their ability.

If you are not attached to another bible based, spirit filled church in the city and you want to be a “Covenant Partner” with us, please let your desire to be so known to our office through one of the means outlined earlier. Staff members assigned to partner relations will get in touch with you, give you the prescribed forms and help you to be so.

If you feel like waiting before you commit yourself as a Covenant partner but would like to worship the lord with us in our church, you can!

Even though the church would be unable to extend the rights and privileges of a covenant partner to you in such a case we would like to assure you of our continued prayer support.

If you would like to receive teaching material from us do inform us of your desire. We would be happy to include you on our mailing list.

And… if at a further date you feel like attaching yourself to a local church, do prayerfully consider us …because here, we value YOU!

May God bless you abundantly!


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