Our Activities 

  • Media outreaches: Towards the achievement of our vision and mission we utilize the audio, visual and print media to communicate the word of God. Along with the production and telecast of Christian television programs, our media department also produces audio and video music albums, VCDs, and CDs of biblical teaching and also publishes and distributes a variety of tracts, booklets and other teaching material.


  • Church planting: We establish small groups to provide interactive fellowship for our partners. Opportunity to meet and pray with fellow believers in a locality, study the word of God together and minister to each other are the features of such groups. Every one of these fellowships, when they become of sufficient size is given the freedom to function independently as a New Testament pattern church. But if they choose to remain an affiliate church of ours, we are equipped to provide organisational help and spiritual covering for them.


  • Community development projects: that we do, operate through the churches that we plant. Directly and through partnering with other organisations, we aid the aged to live dignified lives, feed the hungry, educate children, assist in the marriage of poor women, provide means for self-employment to deserving people and a variety of other services for the development of the community.


  • The Leaders Institute: That we conduct provides many short-term course programs designed to bring believers into maturity and ministry. Courses on bible basics, bible based business, leadership, family, faith, finances and a “School of Ministry” for those with a commitment to minister are some. The “Better Life Program” is also well accepted by many churches.


  • Event management: This department organises Christian events like conferences,camps, retreats, concerts and the like that have benefited many in the past.


  • Young Partners Program: conducts programs for children, teens and youth designed to provide them with Christian fellowship and opportunities to serve and develop in every area of life.


  • Prayer cell: That functions along with the office provides personal and biblical counsel for those in need by prior appointment. Volunteer prayer partners also meet here to pray for the city and also for the many prayer requests that we receive from those in need.


  • Our people pool : Maintains and manages a database of people that is accessible by those looking for marital alliances, job placements, etc. Registration in the database and information from it is provided free of cost to those in need (subject to rules in force regarding the same).



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