About us


We are a Christian ministry founded with the objective of helping churches broaden the scope of their ministries and individuals to enjoy wholesome growth in all areas of their life. To realize these objectives we help plant churches, organize Christian events and provide bible based training and consultancy on a wide variety of matters.

For us at Freedom Ministries, our vision is :

Being a body of disciples that makes disciples who disciple others.

For us at Freedom Ministries, our mission is to:

“Communicate the word of God to all people, everywhere, so as to bring them into a personal relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ and his family, the church, and to teach them to live the victorious Christian life that enjoys God-given covenant rights and privileges and fulfils the God-given mandate to reach out and make disciples. ”


Freedom Ministries is led by BIJU PHILIP, a Christian minister with 17 years of Pastoral ministry experience behind him. He is also a seminar speaker and teacher of biblical principles to many.

As an ordained Pastor of the Beersheba Church of God, a denomination with more than ten thousand churches in India and the neighboring countries he ministers to thousands of church service attendees every week. His bible teaching ministry through the “Word of Freedom” TV program telecasted on a number of national and international channels reaches millions in 83 nations.

Biju is the elder son of Mrs.Susan and the late Mr.M.P.Philip of the Mulamoottil family. He is happily married to Sunu and they are blessed with a son, Yohan and a daughter, Yemima.

Asked to describe himself and his ministry Biju calls himself “a failure touched by the gracious hand of God” and says that his life up till now and all that has been accomplished is a testimony to what grace can do and how merciful God can be.

He has served as the National Secretary for “World Missions and Evangelism” a Texas based network of Christian churches for two consecutive terms.

Biju  presently serves in the capacity of Senior Pastor at the “Central Church”, of Freedom Ministries, a non denominational, multilocational church in Thiruvanathapuram city that ministers to thousands of attendees in multiple services every week.

He is ably assisted in this work by a team of Campus Coordinators, lay leaders and volunteers. The leaders are also mentored and held accountable by an apostolic team of highly respected ministers from different countries.

At Freedom Ministries we dream of:

  • Planting new testament pattern churches that provide a forum for people from all walks of life to come together to glorify God and to receive from Him.
  • Being a source of acceptance, comfort, encouragement, help and guidance to those in need.
  • Being able to welcome 100,000 partners into the “Freedom Family” in the next decade.
  • Developing our partners and friends to spiritual maturity through bible studies,seminars, conferences, retreats, and the like and equipping them for their life mission in the world.
  • Equipping every partner for a significant ministry by helping them discover the gifts and talents God gave them.
  • Touching the world with the word for God so as to disciple all nations in obedience to the great commission Jesus gave us in Mathew 28:18-20
  • Training and sending out to every part of the world hundreds of career missionaries who will carry the burden of “reaching the unreached at any cost.”





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