Recieving and operating in the wisdom of God


Much of the preaching of the Gospel today is done in man’s wisdom. It’s impressive to the carnal mind, but it leaves the spirit starving for the touch of God. We need to realize that only words spoken by the Spirit of God can reach the spirit of man.
The greatest need among ministers today is not to have more of the world’s education, but to receive the revelation knowledge of the Holy Spirit. Luke in the gospel account he wrote calls it “the wisdom of God” (Luke 11:49).
How do you access this?
If you read Luke 11:49 carefully you’ll see that Luke is actually calling Jesus “the wisdom of God”, a truth that is established in scripture. There is no way to access the wisdom of God except through Jesus. Until a person receives Christ, he is missing the only source of true wisdom.
The second thing to do is to continuously submit to the Holy Spirit by asking Him His opinion on all things in your life. Not deciding for yourself, constantly asking for His counsel and submitting to it shows dependence on the Holy Spirit and that prompts Him to impart “Wisdom” into your life.
Crave for and pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit that many name “baptism in the Holy Spirit”. A Christian who has not received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit can have some revelation knowledge, but it will be limited. One of the greatest signs that an individual has received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is the tremendous amount of God’s wisdom that becomes available to him.
Human wisdom, regardless of how eloquent it is, cannot convey the life of God. The truths of the Gospel, and the power of God that these truths release –  can only be imparted through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
Let’s ask God for this so that we might receive (Luke 11:9)


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