An upgrade is coming…

Pimples in some, pockmarks in another. An odd looking nose, squinting eyes – Imperfections. It’s there even in the best amongst us. But even when we know that they exist in all we try our best to hide ours. Why?

Perhaps it’s because we fear rejection. Maybe it’s that we think more highly of ourselves than we ought to. Or maybe, we are just afraid of scaring small children.

Many spend a lot of time and money hiding blemishes. But we need to realise that when we try to be something or somebody we are not, we compromise and lose out on who we truly are.

Some, on the other hand,  choose to accept their imperfections. They accept that they have blemishes – thinning hair, growing bellies, … Of course, they don’t just let themselves go…They bathe, shave, apply deodorant, floss and attempt to exercise and watch what they eat. However, they also understand that no matter what they do, they still have scars, spots, warts and a pockmark or two. As long as they are in this Earth-suit, they need to face the reality of an ageing and less-than-perfect body (and mind, obviously).

Here’s another shocker. We’re dying. Every breath we take is one less breath we’ll have in this frame. Every second we experience is one less moment we’ll have on this side of eternity. And every compressed vertebra, lost or randomly added hair (Did you know that hair can grow on the outside of your nose, ears, etc?), and every other imperfection reminds us that all we see and have here are temporary. This earth is not my home. This body is but a shell of the man I will become one day.

Well, friend… we can worry about the temporary and waste an inordinate amount of time and money on trying to avoid the inevitable, or we can choose to live with eternity in mind.

Can I tell you something? I personally am not discouraged by my present realities nor am I frustrated by my current imperfections. The ageing face I see in the mirror doesn’t scare me and I enjoy a certain freedom in all of my relationships. It’s because I know I am loved by my God despite my flaws and that this life is not the end of the story.

Some say to me, “You Christians live with the delusion of a better life and of a better time to come when this is it and this is all there is.”

I smile and say, “It’s not a delusion; it’s hope. It’s not escapism or about being distracted by the unpleasant realities of this life through fantasy. I simply believe that Jesus meant it when he said,  “I go and prepare a place for you” (John 14:2)and it’s a far better place.”

I’m due for an upgrade someday… That is my hope…that is what I believe !

What’s yours?


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