We’ve been receiving many questions via email about getting to know each other from couples thinking of getting into long term relationships and many engaged ones.Listed below are some broad guide lines about COURTSHIP

  • between a young man and girl considering a long term relationship

What it is:-

  • It is a period of getting intimately acquainted
  • Wooing the affections of your partner and being won too

What it is not:-

  • It is not a period for knowing each other physically

What can courtship include?

01.   The boy and the girl concerned can have some TIME TOGETHER

  • The purpose for this time together is

(1)    Get to know each other better

(2)    See whether they enjoy each others company

02.   The boy and the girl can TALK TOGETHER

  • This should not stop with light conversation but should go on to serious matters

(1)    Talk about the principles and convictions of each other

(2)    Talk about the aims and ambitions of each other

(3)    Other such matters

03.   The boy and the girl can WRITE LETTERS TO EACH OTHER

  • Letters satisfy the need for privacy in a relationship to a great extent
  • Many firms require job applications to be handwritten. The reason is that the handwriting, spelling, grammar, niceties of expression, etc  reveal  much about character, cultural background, quality of education received, etc. These are revealed through love letters too
  • Let me add a word of caution here. Keep letters decent and sincere so that if in any case they are exposed at a later stage they do not cause shame.

04.    The boy and girl can APPEAR IN PUBLIC TOGETHER

  • The purpose of these appearances is to see how good they mix
  • Here are some cautions

(1)    Don’t go to places or get into situations which might bring unusual temptations. Purposefully avoid them

(2)    Make sure your behavior does not appear indecent to others who might watch you

(3)    Get back home at decent hours

05.   The boy and the girl can ENJOY THINGS TOGETHER

  • They can enjoy games,  music, church services, etc
  • The purpose is to assess each others tastes, likes, etc

06.   The boy and the girl should avoid

  • Too private situations
  •  Petting each other
  • provocatively indecent exposure, etc

Your suggestions for improving on this teaching can be sent to

God bless !


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