Why should we look for relationships in our lives? What is their importance?
  • God said that it is not good for man to be alone (Gen 2:18).He has created us to live in relationship to our Creator and other creation’s
  • Two (people living in relationship) is better than one because

(1) They are promised good reward for their labor (Eccl 4:9)

(2) If one falls the other will lift his companion (Eccl 4:10)

(3) Answers to prayer come surely & fast (Mathew 18:19)

(4) The presence of God manifests (Mathew 18:20)?

What are the types of relationships?

  • They can broadly be classified into two

(1) Relationships that we are born into

  • Examples of those we are born into are the relationships with our parents, uncles & aunts, grandparents, etc
  • In dealing with such, the general rules are to show love, respect, obedience, loyalty, etc
  • Benefits are the great wealth of experience that we can draw on, Inheritance (the spiritual blessings they can pass on to us & the material inheritance too), Support in times of need, the blessing of the Lord (Exodus 20:12)

(2) Relationships that we create.They can also be broadly classified into two

(1) Short term relationships

Short term relationships can be attained in a variety of places from different sources.Examples are school/college/sports teams/Internet – chat rooms, social media,etc

Things to check out / take a close look at while making such

  • Appearance: Because this can reflect spending habits (insistence on using branded clothing, shoes,etc regardless of affordability is an example) self image (uncombed hair,hippie looks,outdated clothes,dirty shoes,etc are examples) this tells us a lot about the person concerned.Ask what price you would end up paying to keep this persons friendship
  • Associations: The old proverb says”Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”.There is another one that says “Birds of the same feather flock together”.Associations are indicators of what peoples interests can be.There is wisdom in the proverb.( If your friend to be is a gang member,drunkard,dope addict,or moves around with such…do you really want to risk the consequences of this relationship?)
  • Actions: Most of what people endure today is a result of their actions yesterday.Tomorrow will bring the results of today’s actions.The actions of a person will tell us where he is going towards in his tomorrow and what he will get in the future.If you don’t want a part of that – RUN! Secondly, behavior (actions) is an indicator of background & culture(good / bad manners,opening doors & pulling chairs for the ladies,how people behave at the dining table,etc,show culture).Observe behavior.
  • Attitudes : Check your prospective friend’s attitude towards God (acknowledging and submitting to God is not an option),God’s word (this has to be the standard of life),other people (does your friend to be’s actions reflect insincerity, abusiveness, bitterness, etc),regarding problems(does this person stand strong or lose his cool?Does he lose all hope,think about suicide,break things in sight,etc?),etc.The right attitudes make lives,wrong ones break them.- Both for themselves and for people in association to them

Think about these things.We’ll be back with more on the subject in the next post.Watch out for the same…

God bless!


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