Here are two more kinds of tongues outlined in scripture

1 Corinthians 13:1

  • The tongues of men
  • The tongues of angels

What are the tongues of men?

  • These are languages spoken by men
  • English,French,Spanish,Hindi,etc are examples
  • The ability to master such is a gift from God
  • There was a Prime minister of India who was a master of 14 languages, showing that this gift is not restricted to believers
  • If you or a loved one – maybe your child in school,has a difficulty with languages,it helps to pray for the gift

What are the tongues of angels?

  • It is the language of the Spirit world
  • We need to remember that the bible talks about good angels and also about dark angels (demons)
  • Both have languages that comes under this broad category
  • I once heard the use of tongues in the worship session of a cult that made me realize that tongues can come from demons too.
  • How do we recognize/differentiate the truly Spirit filled believer?Jesus taught that they can be recognized not by the tongues they speak but by the fruit they bear.
  • Another method is to fill your heart with Word of God and prayerfully operate in the gift of discernment.

Think about this.Read the previous posts to know more about the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues

God bless you!


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