We discussed two different kinds of tongues in the last post. Here is some more information on the same subject

1 Corinthians 14:14 says “For if I pray in a tongue…”

This verse talks about a form of tongues that is useful for prayer. And, this is the third kind of tongues – A LANGUAGE FOR PRAYER provided by the Spirit.

A friend of mine, a famed evangelist today, told me a story about an incident that transpired in the early days of his ministry. He was invited to speak in a crusade organized by one of the largest denominations in the state. He fasted and prayed asking God’s help and especially asked God to bring the crowds, for good weather, etc. The great day finally came and when he got to the venue the place was packed. Two thousand plus people were there (a huge crowd at that time) and my friend was really happy. It was the inaugural day and the Overseer of the denomination spoke his inaugural message first. Added to this were the welcome speech, thank you messages for people who had contributed in effort and money, etc and it was 8 pm when the organizers handed over the mike to my friend. My friend got up to speak…and the electricity failed. It was a time when generators were not commonly used and therefore by the time the electric supply came back something like 20 minutes had passed. My friend got up again and to his horror found that many among the crowd had gone home and only around 2 or 3 hundred were left. My friend spoke. Some got saved. Many were healed. But, my friend left the place dejected. He went back home and cried out to the Lord “I had prayed so much Lord, why did you allow this to happen?  Why did the electric supply fail? Why didn’t you answer my prayer?”…He started crying…After a little while the Lord started speaking to him. He said ” Son, you prayed and asked me to bring people which I did. You prayed for good weather which I gave. But you never asked me that the electric supply shouldn’t fail ”. My friend was wonderstruck. What was the Lord trying to say?. The Lord spoke again. He said “Son, what I wanted to get done in the meeting I have gotten done. But now, I want you to learn a lesson from this incident. I want you know that “you do not know what to pray for as you ought” but the Holy Spirit will help you in overcoming this weakness  if you would let Him ( Romans 8:26-27) Stop  depending  on praying with the “understanding” and start depending on prayer with the help of the Spirit.”

The Holy Spirit knows the will of the Father, He knows what tomorrow holds, the hidden agendas of others, the plans of the enemy,…etc. There is nothing He does not know. Therefore if you let Him pray through you He’ll make it more effective than you could ever pray with your understanding.

When you let the Holy Spirit pray through you…He uses the prayer language spoken of earlier.

Let me share something else that comes to mind. Another friend of mine was praying to God. His request was that God wouldn’t let a person he didn’t want to meet to visit him that day. He said AMEN. The doorbell rang. He opened it. And there stood the very person he didn’t want to see. I’ve heard different versions of such incidents happening to different people. What is happening? I suspect that it might be the devil at work – he too heard, understood and acted in a manner that would take the praying persons faith in God, manifested by prayer, away. Why does God allow this? Would He allow this?- I believe so.  If it would get you to stop praying in a language the devil understands and start praying in the Spirit inspired “prayer language” – He would! Because He’d get more accomplished that way.

Is it possible to interpret this “prayer language”? As there is no verse in the Bible that says it can’t be, I believe it can. You have to pray for it and receive it by faith.

After hearing the story of my evangelist friend that I mentioned to you at the start I made a decision to pray in the Spirit using the prayer language He had given me. I kept speaking in tongues and praying for many days. After many days had passed I started to wonder- was it really leading me anywhere?  Or, was I just blabbering away? To dispel this doubt I prayed and asked God to give me understanding on what I was saying in the prayer language. And I felt in my heart that I was praying against unholy unions in the church I pastor. At that time there was no such problem that I knew of. But I thought it best not to stop and to keep on praying. Almost a month later, what the Holy Spirit used me to pray against surfaced, but the church escaped unharmed. I didn’t know what was coming. But He knew. Because I didn’t see it coming I wouldn’t have prayed for protection. But He did. And the result was such a blessing for us

Today I’m a great advocate for people using the prayer language. Why don’t you also give it a try?

Read our previous posts on the Holy Spirit.Share the posts with your friends if God so leads..

God bless!



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