Relating to the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit.One among the holy Trinity.God! Relating to Him is something many find difficult. But it should not be so.Lets look to the Word for instruction regarding this matter.

What do we need to do ?

  • RECOGNIZE HIS PERSON.: The Holy Spirit is denoted in the Word by many symbols.But we need to understand that He is not a wind,fire,a white dove,etc.He is not a mere presence.He is not an attitude or an atmosphere.He is a person.Understand that the bark is not the dog.The aroma is not the food.Likewise the manifestations of tingling,warmth,chills and goosebumps are not Him-He is a person.Jesus called the Holy Spirit a HIM not an IT.And that’s who He is-a person with mind will and emotions!
  • DESIRE HIS PRESENCE:If you don’t want it even God cant give it!You need to desire for His presence in your life.How do you know if you have this desire? Desire prompts you to ask God for the presence.Jesus promises-“Ask and you shall receive”!
  • PURSUE HIM :Look at toppers in class.They are not so by accident -They are people who’ve pursued academic success.See a pianist? He’s pursued the art. If you’ve married the person you loved,that’s because you pursued your love.Pursuit proves earnestness.What you refuse to pursue, that you cannot have.

How do you pursue HIM?

Understand that you cannot pursue a person the way you pursue a power.Here are some thing you could try

  • SING TO HIM: Remember the command in Psalm 100:2 ? It says “serve the Lord with gladness,Come before His presence with singing”
  • GET TO KNOW HIM : You can do this by meditating on His word
  • TALK TO AND HEAR FROM HIM : Speak to Him always about all things.Ask Him for His opinion.Look to the word of God to hear His voice.Expect to audibly hear His voice.Go where He guides.Do as He says.Obey Him the first time,He’ll guide the next time.Disobey Him the first time-its likely there wont be a next time
  • NEVER BE TOO BUSY THAT YOU CANT SPEND TIME WITH HIM: Prioritize Him in your schedule.Don’t try to fit Him into your schedule,fit your schedule around Him.Like David in Psalm 5:3 decide“My voice you shall hear in the morning O Lord.In the morning I will direct it to you,And I will look up”
  • REFUSE TO GRIEVE HIM: Never take His presence lightly.Never think access to His manifest presence is permanent and easy.Be holy in your conversation,thoughts,acts.Refuse to do things that grieve His heart
  • LOVE HIM: As Mathew 22:37 says love Him with all your heart,all your soul and all your mind.Express that love through your lifestyle,your obedience,your worship,…

Here is a footnote just for you…

Are you a person who once enjoyed the presence of God,but today,you don’t really think  your relationship with Him is the same? Satan may remind you of things you said or did and put you under condemnation.

The devil might tell you the presence won’t be coming back,you’ve committed the unpardonable sin.

But know this- If you still have a desire for Him and His manifest presence – Be sure the Holy Spirit is still at work in your life-THERE IS HOPE…



2 thoughts on “Relating to the Holy Spirit

  1. It is true that the Holy spirit guides us in all our ways.How I need HIM for my daily life. Thanks for reminding me. It was very encouraging- chechi

    • Dear Chechi,
      Thank you so very much for reading the post. Please read our further posts and refer to your friends too.Keep us in your prayers. God bless

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